June 11, 2013

The Rooster at the Pearl

So there's been a lot of good eating lately.

Namely, yesterday.

Yesterday evening, Thomas (aka Daddy Llama) and I got to head out to the Pearl in the Grove to document a special event:  a unique and fantastic family-style dinner created by guest Chef Ferrell Alvarez of the soon-to-open Rooster & the Till in Seminole Heights, Tampa.

We went. We laughed. We shot. We ate.

It was amazing.

Ah. Mazing.

Porchetta stuffed with raisins and chicken livers (among other tasty things), heirloom tomato-and-roasted-beet salad, brown butter pound cake with black-pepper kumquat sauce and pecan brittle. Um, hello, tasty tasty food. Can we say, "Yum!?"

A huge shout-out to our friends at the Pearl and Chef Ferrell and his crew. Thanks, all. It was simply divine.


June 8, 2013

Sunday Brunch on Saturday Afternoon...

Occasionally, you get an offer you can't refuse.

This afternoon presented one of those opportunities.

Our friends at the Pearl in the Grove (namely, the Chef du Cuisine, Patrice Murphy), offered up a fresh-from-the-oven pecan-encrusted sticky bun, on tomorrow's Sunday brunch menu. Who would say no to that? Certainly not I.

A short drive - watching the rain-dark clouds all the while - and there it was, in all its sticky glory.

It was heavenly. 

I suggest you locals take a swing by there during brunch service - these can't last long.

Many thanks to Curtis and Rebecca Beebe, as well as Patrice, for inviting me out to the Pearl.

See you soon!