April 30, 2012

Little Boy Blue

Howdy, friends!

So, over the weekend, we Llamas went on a family outing, and while we were at the park, we met some dear friends, who happened to be celebrating a birthday. This precious little boy's birthday, actually - let's call him Little Boy Blue. It was his 3rd birthday. He was a happy bouncing bundle of toddler energy... Birthday cake and presents will do that, certainly!

Just look at that gorgeous head of curls, will you?!?!

And of course, there's nothing so much fun as riding around on Uncle James' shoulders to finish it all off. It was a fun time, and I'm so glad that Thomas and I were able to join in on it for a few minutes while the little Llamas (and our friends) enjoyed each other's company.

After the shoulder ride, we and our friends - Little Boy Blue included - went our separate ways: they to eat, us off to more adventures! And there are many more to come, so we'll keep you posted! 
Until next time,


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