August 29, 2014


This girl, my oldest is twelve. TWELVE. I can't stand it. It's terribly bittersweet.

I need to go curl up and have some chocolate now. 

Until next time,


August 21, 2014

Grandma Kate

This is Grandma Kate. I had the pleasure of photographing her last week while we are still here in Oregon. She is full of laughter and vivaciousness and vitality. It's infectious! What do you think?

We're in our last few days here in Oregon, but I'll check back in from sunny Central Florida again soon! 

Until next time, 


August 18, 2014

Roll with the Fog, or: A Shoot with Anna

So, the day we decided to do this shoot, it turned quite cold and foggy... But there was really no other time we could make it work, so we went with it. This is my friend and wonderful client, Anna. Isn't she beautiful?

Anna just has this light about her that is incredible. I am so glad that to have had the opportunity to photograph her, despite the cold, and even though my little light monkey was rather unhappy with it. Can you tell? 

Ah well, such is life with the Mama Llama. We roll with the punches. Or weather. Whatever.

Until next time,


August 15, 2014

California Dreamin', Oregon Bound

Hey friends! Mama Llama here, checking in from the beautiful southern Oregon coast. If you've never been... Drop what you're doing right now and come out here. It's amazing.

Anyway, we Llamas are on a bit of an adventure - a wonderful adventure to Oregon via northern California.

It all started with an unholy-early wake-up to drive to the Orlando airport for our flight to San Francisco. The flights were an adventure unto themselves, but that's a story for another time. Right now, I just want to chronicle a little bit of our northern California road trip and our time here on the Oregon Coast. You guys. It's so beautiful!

On the way up from California, we stopped at Fritz Winery in Cloverdale. We had to stop, because our favorite goatie friend just happens to be named Fritz:

Fritz the Goat. Not the winery.
We spent a few minutes there chatting with the friendly sommelier. I bought a small bottle of wine (which was fantastic, by the way!) and we went on our way.

So beautiful. And tasty, after they ferment. 
After many adventures and mishaps, we finally made it up to my parents' place in Oregon and on our very first afternoon there, the girls got to go bareback riding on the beach! What an experience! It was breathtaking. Ridiculous. Amazing. Unbelievable.

It was the most perfect evening for it. Sunny, glorious. Truly, I think we'll remember this for the rest of our lives.

Since we've been here, we've played, we've explored, we've picked blackberries, gathered shells, drank gallons of tea, and just generally savored every minute of it.

We're near the end of our trip now, and we've finally managed to head over to the delightfully kitschy Prehistoric Gardens that's right here near where we are. It was a fun time, and the owner, Kiki, whose grandfather dreamed up and built Prehistoric Gardens, was so fun to meet and talk to. It was an excellent afternoon all around!

We've also done some shooting while we were here and what an interesting experience that has been! Shooting on Pacific coast beaches is an interesting challenge because the weather is so changeable.

We're heading into the last of our time here, but I'll check in again soon with some images from one of the shoots.

Until next time,