May 30, 2013

Starting Over

Goodness. It's been forever!

Consider me the worst blogger ever. No? Oh, good.

So let's start over, shall we? I'm Kristen, the Mama Llama here at Plaid Llama Studios.

And we're starting over both literally and figuratively.

In the last several months, the Llama family have pulled up roots and relocated to beautiful Central Florida, where the Thomas, the Daddy Llama spent most of his growing-up. Land of small towns, Old South, huge oaks and Spanish moss.

It's a big change from Nashville, certainly, although our five years there were absolutely lovely and we're still missing our dear friends up there. I keep trying to convince them that they need to migrate down here with us. But alas.

Anyway. Back on point.

So we're starting over. Things got very busy last year - both personally and professionally for us, and then (literally) just before Christmas we discovered that we were relocating! And it's been a crazy-wonderful mess since then.

Here are a few highlights from a few of our shoots before the busy-ness of moving (and settling in!) started:

Since we've been down here, we've spent a lot of time settling in, but have also done some shooting (mostly of the Little Llamas) and are getting the ball rolling toward the relaunch of Plaid Llama Studios, Florida Edition.

Stay tuned for our upcoming promotions and shoot previews! It's time for the new thing, in a new place!

Until next time,


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