July 12, 2013

Miami Times

So the little Llamas and I headed down to Miami for an unexpected couple of weeks full of extra sunshine, fun, and familial obligations - who could forget those?! Which may explain why I've not been posting much lately, eh?

I grew up in Miami (third generation, actually!), so this was a homecoming in a way. As usual, much of it was visiting my old stomping grounds with the family and taking advantage of the fabulous food that pervades South Florida... Namely guava pastries and cafe con leche at my favorite neighborhood Cuban bakery... Yum! It was on the way there that I passed (for the thousandth time) a little barber shop, and saw this... And had stop.

While we were there, we three girls were introduced to a wonderful new restaurant to add to our repertoire... It's named Crackers, located in Miami Springs, not far from where I grew up. And so, of course I had to take a some photos of the food... What else?

Above is the surprisingly fabulous "sweet potato clam chowder," which I was skeptical of at first, but let me just say: ah-mazing! And below is an house-made almond cookie that was to die for! (Actually, all of Crackers' desserts are made in-house and every one I tasted was superb.) 

We headed down originally to spend Father's Day with my Dad and visit for a few days with him, my step-Mom and my 94-year-old, Miami-born-and-bred grandmother, Mimi. It was because of her that we ended up staying for several weeks... She had a hospital stay and everyone - but especially her - needed a bit of help. She is doing better than expected and is mostly back to her usual feisty self, and it was definitely good to be with family after a long time away.

We ended up staying through Independence Day and even had an unexpected (and delightful) visit with my aunt & uncle from Texas, whom we haven't seen nearly enough over the last few years. That afternoon, whilst waiting for the evening fireworks, I took a little trip looking for a requested card game and discovered this gentleman.

He was about four-foot-zero and probably weighed as much as our seven-year-old soaking wet, all decked out in that jaunty pink cap, flaming red slacks, suspenders, and even his shoes were red leather! Quite patriotic. And he was very obliging about my photographing him. After which he blew my a kiss. It was hilarious. And a bit cheeky, I do say. 

All in all, it was a good, if exhausting, trip. Full of memories and moments.  

Notice the drool? This is one to use as blackmail in a few years, ha! 

And we are happy to be back in small-town central Florida, catching up on our rest and enjoying being all together again.

Until next time,


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