May 6, 2013

A Beauty Among Beasts?

Hi friends! Kristen here, to share our night out to see Art In Motion's production of Beauty & the Beast. We know some of the cast in the production, but even if we hadn't, we wanted to go to support AIM and this production!

It was held at the local middle school auditorium, and other than some technical issues related to the sound system, a fantastic time was had by all! These young people acted their hearts out.

Waiting for the curtain to come up.

Introducing Belle and the townspeople.

Of course, all the girls have to flutter around Gaston.

Above, Belle argues with the stubborn Beast. Below, "Be Our Guest!" - my personal favorite song from the move and the show.

Belle weeps over the Beast's lifeless body.

And the happy ending!

This was such a fun evening for us - and it was so good to be there to support all the great talent and hard work these kids put into their production.

Until next time,


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