April 17, 2012

Waiting for Baby E

I recently had the opportunity to photograph the baby shower of my dear friend, Heather. Her sweet baby "E" is due any day now, and so a group of us gathered to celebrate this special time in her life. Heather is an amazing artist, and many of her friends are as well, and the beauty of their artistic spirits was well-reflected during this lovely shower. Enjoy!

Baby E is a boy, and Heather's nursery theme is "Vintage Traveler," so the baby shower echoed the nursery theme... There were lots of vintage maps, globes and hot air balloons! It was so fun... I particularly love hot air balloons!

Precious little Miss H was feeling rather quiet when I snapped this image. I think she may have been desiring one of the truffles (or cake) and was learning to wait patiently... Not that I blame her... I mean, it IS cake, after all. And who can be patient when cake is involved?!?!

And there it is... Beautiful, colorful cake! Cake, caaaaaaaaaake, CAKE!!! Ha!

It was so nice to see dear friends gathered and laughing, the beautiful flowers, and lots of smiles from sweet Heather herself.

I love the use of folded maps as a part of the floral centerpieces. Simply brilliant!

After some of the lovely refreshments, it was time for Heather to open her gifts. It was such a joy to share in that experience with her - baby showers are always a delight, but this one was just the best!

It was an honor to join my lovely friend and make some new ones on her special day. I am so glad that I was able to be there and document this joyful time in her life!

Until next time,