April 12, 2012

Nick & Mediha

Hey folks, it's the Mama Llama here, with the "official" first-ever Plaid Llama Studios blog post. Yay!

First, a quick introduction: my name is Kristen, and my husband, Thomas (also known as "Daddy Llama" at times) and I make up the Plaid Llama photographic team. We are mama and daddy to two Llama-lings (Llamettes? Little Llamas?) and love our work as parents and creatives.

So that's us.


Now, on to the stars of this post, Nick and Mediha!

Nick and Mediha were married on March 24th, and it was an honor to be there to document their special day. The day turned out beautifully, despite (or perhaps, in addition to!) the rain that interrupted their plans for an outdoor wedding. However, after a few adjustments were made, a lovely, intimate indoor service was had.

The bride, Mediha, is Bosnian by birth, and is in Nashville finishing her degree in fashion design. She and Nick have had a whirlwind romance, and even the wedding itself was a spontaneous one! But their love was very evident from the moment I met them. And with her designer's eye,  I think she pulled this quick wedding together beautifully!

After the ceremony, I whisked them away for a few minutes to capture some moments with just the two of them. It was really great - they are so in love, and I think that really shines through.

Pretty soon, everyone was clamoring for bride and groom to return, so we headed back to take some quick group photos... And these were some of the most fun I've taken. 

Nick and Mediha were a lot of fun - there was a lot of laughter, and that is so important!  I am so glad to have met them and shared in their love - they have a very special relationship. All in all, it was an absolutely lovely time with a fantastic couple.

Until next time,


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